Amplify Your Wix Store Success with Stellar Reviews

Streamline reviews, boost credibility, and drive sales on your Wix store.

Enhanced Review Management

An intuitive and seamless interface to simplify collecting and managing reviews for your Wix store.


Referral-Reward Review Program

Turn high-rating reviewers into brand advocates. Encourage them to refer others to your Wix store and reward their successful referrals with exclusive coupon codes.


Admin-Controlled Review Moderation

Ensure the authenticity of your reviews with admin-based moderation, keeping your Wix store feedback trustworthy and reliable.


Cross-Device Compatibility

Experience effortless review management on both mobile and desktop platforms for your Wix store.


Interactive Review Responses

Enable direct communication with your Wix store customers by responding to their reviews, fostering engagement and trust.


Customizable Review Forms

Tailor the review submission process to your needs, collecting the specific information valuable to your Wix store.


Social Sharing Capabilities

Enable customers to share their reviews or refer friends from your Wix store to their social networks, enhancing your store's visibility and community engagement.


Guided Support Features

Offer detailed guides and support to help users easily navigate and leverage the review system of your Wix store.


User Feedback Platform

Provide a dedicated space for customers to share their product experiences and reviews on your Wix store.