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Return on Investment

Users saw a 29% return on investment after utilizing OSI Reviews.


Increase in Page Views

Adopting OSI Reviews resulted in a 33% increase in visitor page views.


Sales Growth

Implementing OSI Reviews led to a 31% increase in sales revenue.

What Sets OSI Reviews Apart?

Review Request Emails

OSI Reviews allows admins to send personalized review request emails to customers, boosting feedback and engagement.

Incentivized Reviews

Offers incentives like discounts or freebies for customers who leave reviews, increasing participation rates.

Seamless Integration

Integrates smoothly with multiple e-commerce platforms, ensuring a hassle-free setup and operation without disrupting existing workflows.

Referral Rewards

Provides a referral rewards program, enabling businesses to reward customers for referring new clients, enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty.

OSI Reviews vs Feefo Pricing Comparison

OSI Reviews Feefo
Email Review Requests
Review Collection
Referral Rewards
Social Proof
Platform Integration
Customization Options
Analytics and Reporting
Conversion Rate Optimization
Moderation Tools
User Interface
Customer Engagement
Social Sharing Capabilities
Guided Support Features

Key Capabilities of OSI Reviews

Never miss an opportunity to boost sales and consistently deliver a superior customer experience.

  • More Connected: OSI Reviews seamlessly integrates your data and team, reducing the complexity and cost of using multiple tools and outdated systems.
  • Increase Productivity with OSI Reviews: Experience a user-friendly, intuitive interface that accelerates activation and enhances user adoption.
  • Better Supported: OSI Reviews offers exceptional customer support and Professional Services, ensuring you receive the help needed to optimize your review management's effectiveness.

What Sets OSI Reviews Apart

  • More Connected: OSI Reviews unifies your review data and team activities seamlessly,eliminating the need for multiple tools and outdated systems.
  • Increased Productivity: OSI Reviews offers a streamlined, intuitive interface that speeds upactivation and improves adoption, allowing your team to focus on effectively managingand utilizing customer reviews.
  • Unmatched Support: OSI Reviews delivers exceptional customer support and customizedprofessional services, ensuring you get the most out of your review management system. Experience the difference with our dedicated team ready to assist you at every step.

The ability for my customers to add reviews really helps me to convince others to purchase my products. OSI Reviews is a great value and easy to use.

Nancy Bilkerson
- Founder & CEO, Paws and Purrs Supplies

OSI Reviews Grows with You

Advanced Review Management

An intuitive and seamless interface to streamline the collection and management of reviews for your e-commerce store.

Referral-Reward Review Program

Convert top reviewers into brand ambassadors. Encourage them to refer others to your store and reward successful referrals with exclusive discounts.

Admin-Based Review Moderation

Ensure the integrity of your reviews through admin-based moderation, guaranteeing that feedback for your store is trustworthy and reliable.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Manage reviews effortlessly on both mobile and desktop platforms for your store.

Interactive Responses

Facilitate direct communication with your store customers by responding to their reviews, promoting engagement and trust.

Customizable Review Forms

Tailor the review submission process to suit your needs, collecting the specific information valuable to your store.

Social Sharing Features

Allow customers to share their reviews or refer friends to your store through their social networks, enhancing visibility and community engagement.

Guided Support

Offer comprehensive guides and support to help users navigate and leverage the review system of your store efficiently.

User Experience Platform

Create a dedicated space for customers to share their product experiences and reviews on your store.

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OSI Reviews vs. Feefo FAQ

Which platform offers a more user-friendly interface for managing reviews?

OSI Reviews offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface that makes review managementsimple and effective. While Feefo also has a functional interface, OSI Reviews stands out with its intuitive design, reducing the learning curve and allowing for quicker setup and activation.
OSI Reviews excels with its Referral-Reward Program, turning top reviewers into brand advocates. This feature encourages customers to refer others to your store, rewarding successful referrals with exclusive discounts. While Feefo also offers referral features, OSI Reviews provides a more comprehensive and incentivizing program, making it a better choice for businesses looking to leverage customer advocacy.
OSI Reviews offers highly customizable review forms, allowing businesses to tailor the review submission process to their specific needs. This ensures that you can collect the most relevant and valuable information for your store. While Feefo also offers customizable forms, OSI Reviews provides greater flexibility and control over the review collection process, giving it an edge in customization capabilities.
OSI Reviews provides robust admin-based review moderation, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of your reviews. This feature allows administrators to review and approve feedback before it goes live, maintaining the integrity of your review system. Feefo offers moderation tools as well, but OSI Reviews’ focus on admin-based moderation makes it a superior choice for businesses that prioritize trustworthy and reliable feedback.
OSI Reviews offers exceptional customer support and tailored professional services, ensuring that users receive the assistance they need to optimize their review management system. Their dedicated team is committed to helping customers at every stage. While Feefo provides solid support, OSI Reviews goes above and beyond with its top-tier customer service and professional guidance, making it the better option for businesses seeking comprehensive support.